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Hi there!

I'm Chris! It's really Christophe (krɪ'stɔ́f / kris-toff), a french spelling of Christopher, but... just call me Chris.

I recently graduated from Northeastern University and am in the market for a job!

My most recent experiences include working as a Software Engineer for a technology startup as well as a Privacy Researcher within academia. Prior to entering the computer science field, I have also worked as a graphics Layout Designer, a Systems Operator, and a short time in the head hunting industry.

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About Tophelabs

Tophelabs is a multi-purpose platform developed to showcase various projects and host special tools. To the general public, Tophelabs is just a website. However, The platform also provides many other public and private cloud services such as VPNs, file sharing and various APIs etc.

The name Tophelabs comes from the term "Christophe Labs" and is pronounced as (tɔ́f'læbz / toff-labs). The website itself has been operational since 2006 and has gone through numerous modifications over the years. The website is now in its 3rd major iteration.

More About Chris

Although I am a well-rounded software developer, my areas of interest (and expertise) revolve around privacy, front-end design, and automation.

On my free time, I like to eat, sleep, play with pets, program, design networking systems, take photos, and do other random things. I also have a passion for traveling, be it exploring a new place or simply traveling to relax.

I am always out and about! Follow my Instagram or this page to find out where I am now!


  San Jose, CA, USA

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